At House of Abundance, we endeavor to pair the most exquisites high class services with a network of passionate and professional Dominatrices. We offer clientele mind-blowing experiences in the field of BDSM/SM, and offer Dominatrices a community in which they can be supported in all aspects of this work. Continuous evaluation of best business practices, as well as quality management, are at the core of our services to both clientele and Dominatrices alike. 


In order to meet the highest of standards, House of Abundance utilizes a thorough application process for all Dominatrices that would like to work with us. This includes ongoing training, equipment procurement and updates, and a collective community of fellow professionals. We are continuously evaluating, improving, and expanding our practices. We uphold rigorous standards to ensure all our services are compliant with local legal and hygiene regulations. And, very importantly, that everyone involved has disgusting amounts of fun.

We are The House of Abundance, High Class Domme Escort services

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