The terms and conditions are compliant with local and legal legislation and are intended to govern, guide and protect rights, privileges, obligations and cancellations of both our customers as well as the House of Abundance.

Minimum age

The House of Abundance only mediates on behalf of High Class Dommes with a legal residence and employment status in the Netherlands. All Dommes are at least 21 years old. The same minimum age applies to our clients. Verification may be required. If no verification can be provided, no reservation can be made.

Intake interview

To guarantee the high level of standards, all reservations and sessions are established by means of an intake protocol. This protocol consists of a questionnaire regarding the client’s expectations of the session.

All aspects of a session will be part of this interview to ensure the level of reservations and session. The High Class Domme who is linked to the reservation is informed about the expectations of the intake interview. This ensures that a session for both the client and the High Class Domme is to everyone’s satisfaction.

If the client has other wishes during the session than previously indicated, the High Class Domme can end the session. See section Premature ending of the session.


The rates as stated on the website include 21% VAT and include the standard service package that can be found on the profile page of each High Class Domme. During the reservation it will be confirmed what this standard service package consists of. The rates are non-negotiable and are always stated in euros.


The House of Abundance offers various electronic and online payment options, including all major European debit cards and wireless payment methods such as Apple Pay. Foreign currencies are not accepted. Prepayments are preferred. If clients prefer to pay in cash or pay just before the session, some form of ID verification or details are required. Data is not stored anywhere online. See the section on Privacy Terms.

Any payment or remaining payment must be made upon arrival of the High Class Domme at the agreed address. If a payment cannot be made, the cancellation conditions apply. The House of Abundance does not accept back payments. Please read the section Cancellations carefully.

If a payment does not appear or appears to have failed on arrival of the High Class Domme or if cancellation costs are due, the House of Abundance reserves the right to engage third parties for collection. In the event of late payment, collection costs will be charged by the House of Abundance and/or the collection service amounting to at least € 40.00 and to be calculated in accordance with the scale of extrajudicial collection costs as can be found rechtspraak.nl. The statutory interest will also be charged on the amount owed. Each session can only take place after receipt of full payment.

If experience from the past gives cause for this, the House of Abundance can set a further condition that a reservation will only be confirmed after full payment in advance. This is entirely at the discretion of the House of Abundance.


A 25% deposit is required to finalize and confirm the reservation. If you prefer cash payment, you will be asked for further details or a 0.01 euro transaction during the intake interview.

Client acceptance

The House of Abundance and its High Class Dommes do not discriminate on the basis of nationality, race, ability, religion, gender or sexuality. Anyone eligible for adult services is welcome to use the services offered by The House of Abundance. In the event of any physical and/or mental disabilities, these must be disclosed during the intake interview. This is necessary for the smooth running of the session.

The House of Abundance, its directors and its employees reserve the right to refuse any clients due to inappropriate behavior such as aggression due to alcohol and/or drugs, and hygiene both personally and at the client’s or hotel’s location. See section Cancellations and Early session termination.

The House of Abundance, its directors, and its employees reserve the right to refuse any customers as a result of inappropriate behavior, intoxication as a result of alcohol and / or drugs.

Location conditions

The client must inform in advance how many people will be present at the location where the booking will take place in case of a private address or hotel. This also applies if the session takes place in one of the studios listed on our sessions page.

If the High Class Domme unexpectedly finds more people than indicated on arrival, the reservation can and will be canceled immediately. See the Cancellations section. In the unlikely event that the High Class Domme deems the private address or hotel inappropriate due to lack of hygiene, or unsuitable space, or substandard behavior, or lack of sanitation, the reservation will be terminated immediately. See section Cancellations.

In the unlikely event the Dominatrix deems the private address or hotel inappropriate due to a lack of hygiene, or unsuitable space, or substandard behavior, or lack of sanitation facilities the reservation will be terminated immediately. Also in this case 100% cancellation fee applies.  

A suitable location can be:

  • Your own house, provided it is clean, tidy and not in the presence of other, unannounced persons and pets
  • A room intended for a minimum of 2 people in a hotel that has been awarded at least 4 stars (copy of reservation confirmation required, whether or not anonymised)
  • An Airbnb/short-stay apartment with non-shared rooms/spaces, intended for a minimum of 2 people ( non-anonymous copy of reservation confirmation required)
  • A catering facility reserved or approved by the House of Abundance.

The premature ending of the session

If a booking ends prematurely or cannot go ahead at all as a result of not meeting the set criteria, no refund will be made.

In the unlikely event of a medical incident occurring during the session, or any other incident requiring the High Class Domme to cancel the session, payment will be refunded on a pro rata basis if the incident is caused by force majeure. The House of Abundance accepts no liability towards the client in the event of a medical incident/health damage as a result of the activities during a session.

If during the session the client has other wishes than previously indicated, the High Class Domme can end the session. The House of Abundance points out that it can be punishable if the client exceeds the limits of the High Class Domme. The client is not entitled to a refund of payment if the High Class Domme decides to end the session in such a situation.

Sexual contact

Sexual actions are not in the standard package of the High Class Dommes. A request for sexual acts can be submitted via the intake interview.

If applicable, it is required that any form of sexual activity is practiced with a condom and/or other protective barriers.

If applicable, in all forms of sex, the High Class Domme decides what is and is not allowed. These decisions are not open to discussion or negotiation. Do not ask the High Class Domme for unprotected sex, nor offer any financial compensation for the same.

Asking for any form of unsafe intercourse is a violation under Dutch law and will result in immediate termination of your appointment without refund, and will also be reported to the appropriate authorities.


The House of Abundance takes responsibility for the punctuality of its exclusive High Class Domme and will do everything it can to ensure that the sessions start on time.

However, it is possible that the High Class Domme will arrive later than planned due to unforeseen external circumstances. In such a case, the client will be notified immediately. The House of Abundance will ask for a 30 minute threshold after the agreed session start time. If the delay exceeds the threshold of 30 minutes, the reservation can be canceled free of charge.

If the client experiences a delay, The House of Abundance must be informed immediately. If the delay is more than 15 minutes and no longer than 30 minutes, the session can continue but the scheduled end time remains the same. If the delay is more than 30 minutes, the session will not be able to take place and the cancellation policy will apply.


A reservation can be canceled free of charge up to 48 hours before the time of the appointment. Between 48 and 24 hours we charge a 25% cancellation fee, between 24 and 2 hours in advance 50%. Free cancellation is no longer possible from 2 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the session and a 100% cancellation fee will be charged.

Cancellation charges are calculated as the applicable percentage of the agreed rate at the time of booking. If the reservation contains a location, the cancellation costs as mentioned above will be charged in full as due to the location. A surcharge of at least 40 euro applies if a collection agency needs to be engaged in order to collect any outstanding fees.

In the unforeseen event that the High Class Domme has to cancel or interrupt the reservation for personal reasons such as illness, sudden urgent family circumstances or other unforeseen reasons, the House of Abundance will give the client the option to receive another High Class Domme, if available and appropriate to the results of the intake interview. If no suitable High Class Domme can be found, any credits and/or deposits will be refunded. This refund will be made within 7 working days of the reservation.

Drug & Alcohol use

It is prohibited to offer the High Class Dommes any form of illegal drugs & alcohol or to ask them to take them or have them ordered. In the event that the High Class Domme feels uncomfortable or unsafe in connection with drug or alcohol use or in any doubt about this, the High Class Domme reserves the right to immediately terminate the session without any possibility of refund.


The House of Abundance considers privacy of paramount importance. We understand that we operate in a business where discretion is important. Nevertheless, we have to comply with various national and international laws and regulations. We must, among other things, set up our financial administration properly and may have to check your age. We will of course respect the AVG in this regard. For more information about how we handle personal data, please refer to our privacy statement, which can be found via the website.

The privacy and discretion of our High Class Dommes must be respected at all times. It is strictly forbidden to ask your high class dominatrix to share personal information such as her real name, social media profile(s), phone number(s) or other personal contact details. In that case, the High Class Domme will issue a formal warning, but can also choose to end the session immediately.

It is also not allowed to share or make public data, images or photo material of the High Class Domme with others. Disputes must be submitted to the court of the district in which The House of Abundance is located.


The House of Abundance accepts no liability for damage to the body and property of the client.

Governing law

Any reservation made at the House of Abundance as well as the sessions conducted by our High Class Dommes are subject to Dutch law.